Guest Appearances

When I-Hsien and Shane aren’t busy recording and editing Total Party Thrill, they occasionally appear on other shows. You can find their guest appearances below:



I-Hsien and Shane:

05/01/2017 – Table Top Babble #18: Favorite RPGs

The guys join James Introcaso and Craig Campbell of NerdBurger Games to share some of their favorite RPGs across a variety of categories, ranging from major publishers to micro-RPGs.

02/08/2017 – The Tome Show #278: Volo’s Guide to Monsters Review

The guys join Jeff Greiner and Dan Dillon to discuss D&D 5E’s Volo’s Guide to Monsters. We recycled a lot of our thoughts from our own review in TPT #69, but Dan and Jeff have new perspectives.

11/31/2016 – The Tome Show Round Table #143: Volo’s Preview

The guys join James Introcaso and Rudy Basso to discuss the previews for D&D 5E’s Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Some of our predictions were even accurate!


01/22/2018 – The Tome Show #294: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Review

I-Hsien joins Jeff, the Tome Show’s social media guru Ishmael Alvarez, and The Basics of the Game’s Jeremiah McCoy to dig into the latest release for D&D 5e.

06/15/2017 – Whelmed: The Young Justice Files Actual Play: “Relations”

Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Post-game review

I-Hsien plays Superboy in a game set between Seasons 1 and 2 of the animated TV series, run by Masks creator Brendan Conway from Magpie Games. He’s joined by Rich Howard of Whelmed as Robin, his co-host Emily Buza as Miss Martian, Darcy L. Ross from Monte Cook Games as Aqualad, and Neal Powell from the DM’s Block as Kid Flash.

12/21/2016 – Whelmed: The Young Justice Files Discussions: Diversity

I-Hsien joins host Rich Howard to discuss diversity and representation in one of their favorite animated superhero series,  Young Justice.


06/01/2018 – DSPN Presents: Timewatch

Shane joins GM Vegas Lancaster and the Don’t Split the Podcast Network crew to battle Nazi agents in the time stream in an actual play of Timewatch, the Gumshoe-based time travel RPG from Pelgrane Press.

04/11/2017 – The RPG Academy Faculty Meeting #108: Character Growth

Shane joins Michael to discuss character growth, the Enlarge/Reduce spell, and Rocs.

11/08/2016 – Gamemaster’s Journey 129: Keeping the Game Going Between Sessions

Shane joins Lex Starwalker to discuss strategies for increasing player engagement in order to keep the story active in between gaming sessions, especially the strategies we used for the Mourning Glory campaign.

09/09/2016 – Shark Bone Podcast’s Hunter: the Vigil Actual Play: Cradle of Darkness

Shane plays El Loco, a former cartel boss turned monster hunter in Mexico City. With a cast of players assembled of various podcasters and GMed by Shark Bone’s Devin, this game had some great surprises, tense moments, and one of the most gut-punching reveals I’ve ever experienced in a roleplaying game. Mature themes.


Video & Streaming


03/23/2017 – The RPG Academy Presents Detention LIVE Episode 13

Shane joins Matt and Scott for a Twitch livestream of improv games, discussion of past campaigns, and other bits loosely related to RPGs. Also available in audio-only podcast format.

10/29/2016 – Starwalker Studios’ D&D 5E Storm Kings Thunder Actual Play (series)

Shane plays Rasputin Goldfingers the halfling gambler with a fiendish secret, based on the Character Creation Forge segment of Total Party Thrill #61. Lex Starwalker of the Gamemaster’s Journey podcast DMs this game, which streams weekly on Thursdays at 6pm EST and is available afterward on YouTube.



I-Hsien & Shane:

06/08/2017 – Mourning Glory: The Annotated History of Brand Talandro on Tribality

Part I, Part II, Part III

We went through our emails and chat logs to compile a detailed look at character creation from both a player and GM perspective. Here’s how Inquisitor Brand of the Silver Flame was born. Looking for the rest of the series? Check out Part 4 and Part 5 on Patreon!

05/06/2016 – An interview with Shane & I-Hsien of Total Party Thrill

Shawn Ellsworth of Tribality interviews us about our history with RPGs, running our favorite systems, and our real-life hobbies. It gets personal.


08/14/2018 – Adland’s Dragon Slayers in Ad Age

I-Hsien wrote a D&D article for his actual job. (If you hit a paywall, message us.)