TPT #2: Humble Beginnings & Greco-Roman Wrestlers

Hosts I-Hsien and Shane discuss everything that needs to happen before a campaign begins, from deciding which RPG system to play to Session 0 to the first adventure. In the Character Creation Forge, they each build a Greco-Roman Wrestler. Time to oil up! (45m)

Important Links:

Brazendell, the starting town of the Mourning Glory campaign (downloadable PDF)

Mourning Glory campaign wiki

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Twitter: @TPTcast




Total Party Thrill: RPG Advice From Our Table to Yours

Total Party Thrill is a podcast for GMs and players where we discuss our campaigns in order to inspire yours. We draw heavily from a 3-year, level 1-20 D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) 5th Edition Eberron campaign. Each episode covers a particular aspect of game planning and playing, and we share tips and advice drawn from our own experience. Then follow us into the Character Creation Forge, where we build iconic character archetypes from outside traditional D&D using the D&D 5E rules.