Total Party Thrill’s Holiday D&D One Shot

As we mentioned on TPT #20, Shane is planning to run a D&D one shot over the holidays. So far, as few listeners have reached out to join in the game. I want to give a quick update with as much information as possible, and encourage anyone who’s interested to reach out to us either on Twitter (@TPTcast) or via email (

Please note: this game will not be streamed or recorded.

What: D&D 5E One Shot, based on an excerpt from the Out of the Abyss adventure.

When: December 30th starting at 7:00pm EST. We’re aiming for a 4 hour session, and definitely won’t go past midnight EST.

Where: Online, using Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop and Google Hangouts.

Who: DMed by Shane (@Mundangerous), played by I-Hsien (@EvilSansCarne) and a few Total Party Thrill listeners.

How: Drop us a line, either on Twitter (@TPTcast) or via email (, and let us know you want to play by Monday, December 21st. If we have more interest than we have spots, we’ll draw names from a hat. We’ll reach out to everyone on Tuesday, December 22nd, to let you know if you’ve got a spot.

What You Need to Play: Webcam, Microphone, Google Hangouts, and Fantasy Grounds.

A quick note on Fantasy Grounds: Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop which provides character sheets and dice for players, maps and tokens for combat, and the adventure modules for DMs. You will need to download Fantasy Grounds (I recommend downloading via Steam, especially if you’re on Mac), but you do not need to pay for a license. However, you’ll only be able to use Fantasy Grounds while connected to my Fantasy Grounds session.

Fantasy Grounds can be a bit finicky with wifi settings and port forwarding, so to make sure we don’t have any technical issues that delay the game, I’d like everyone to make sure they can connect to me in the week leading up to the game. While connected, you can also make your character; otherwise, I will provide a few pre-gens to choose from. We’ll set up a time that works for everyone, with the absolute fallback time being an hour or two early on December 30th.

I-Hsien and I are really looking forward to this game, and happy with the interest we’ve received our awesome listeners thus far. If you’d like to be a part of the game, please make sure you let us know as soon as possible.