TPT #107: An Introduction to Role-Playing Games & Beginner’s Luck

Hosts I-Hsien and Shane present a special primer on role-playing games: what are they, how do you play, and why would you want to? In the Dynasty Unwarranted campaign, the Rogue Traders split up to whip an army into shape, and Beginner’s Luck eases into RPGs in the Character Creation Forge. (61m)

Important Links:

Whelmed: The Young Justice Files Actual Play: “Relations”

Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Post-game review

I-Hsien plays Superboy in a game set between Seasons 1 and 2 of the animated TV series, run by Masks creator Brendan Conway from Magpie Games. He’s joined by Rich Howard of Whelmed as Robin, his co-host Emily Buza as Miss Martian, Darcy L. Ross from Monte Cook Games as Aqualad, and Neal Powell from the DM’s Block as Kid Flash.

Shark Bone Podcast’s Hunter: the Vigil Actual Play: Cradle of Darkness

Shane plays El Loco, a former cartel boss turned monster hunter in Mexico City. With a cast of players assembled of various podcasters and GMed by Shark Bone’s Devin, this game had some great surprises, tense moments, and one of the most gut-punching reveals I’ve ever experienced in a roleplaying game. Mature themes.

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