TPT #122: Randomly Generated Backstories & The Armored Arcana

Hosts I-Hsien and Shane share their love of creating character histories using little more than a few dice, an ounce of creativity, and pages and pages of tables. In the Dynasty Unwarranted campaign, the Rogue Traders regroup after a massacre, and the Armored Arcana expertly angles her deflector shields in the Character Creation Forge. (54m)

Important Links:

2C Gaming’s Let’s Kill Strahd: Written (and run for us) by Christopher Grey

Paizo Character Generator: Designed for Pathfinder, but works for any fantasy.

Donjon NPC Generator: Distills characters to a few critical details.

Who the F*ck is My D&D Character?: It’s a f*cking random character generator, baby!

TPT Character Creation Forge Codex: It’s finally here! A huge thanks to all our Patreon supporters who made it possible.

Teepublic: Home of the TPT-shirt!

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