Gen Con 2018: Where are Shane and I-Hsien?

We are at Gen Con from August 1st through August 5th, 2018. We’re loosely adhering to the following schedule, but be sure to follow I-Hsien and Shane on Twitter for the latest update on our goings-on. We’re always looking to meet up with friends, especially if you suggest we get a beer, and Twitter is the easiest way to reach us during Gen Con. And if you find us, you’ll get your hands on some new TPT swag.

Outside of this schedule, we’ll spend most of our time wandering the dealer hall, dropping in on interesting-sounding seminars (fun fact: they’re free and no one checks tickets!), or cracking open and testing out our Gen Con loot, likely in the lobby of the Marriott Downtown (350 W Maryland St., across from the ICC) or Omni hotels.

Wednesday, 8/1

2pm: Shane lands in Indianapolis

10pm: I-Hsien lands in Indianapolis (weather in NYC permitting)

Thursday, 8/2

9am: Westin – Grand Ballroom III, Introduction to DMing for D&D SEM18132345 (Shane on the panel!)

2pm: Lucas Oil Stadium – Meeting Room 6, System Mastery Live ENT18132892

Friday, 8/3

11am: Lucas Oil Stadium – Meeting Room 4, Exploring Eberron With Keith Baker SEM18142987

Saturday, 8/4

10am: Playtesting Descent into Midnight with Rich Howard (Shane & I-Hsien)

5pm: Lucas Oil Stadium – Meeting Room 4, Don’t Split the Podcast Network Q&A Panel ENT18128081 (Shane & I-Hsien on the panel!)

~6pm: Undisclosed location after the DSPN panel, Don’t Split the Podcast Network Meetup! (Shane & I-Hsien)

Sunday, 8/5

3pm: Shane and I-Hsien leave Indianapolis