TPT #367: Depicting Genocide in Impactful and Responsible Ways

I-Hsien is joined by Angelo, a Palestinian-American lawyer and founder of our tabletop home group, for a conversation about presenting and processing genocide in your game. It’s a common trope in stories from Star Wars to Dark Sun, and they discuss characterizing victims and perpetrators, fridging cultures, tying in personal and family experiences and more. (93m) Editing: Aram Vartian Important Links: Operation Olive Branch: Resources for donation and action. Total Party Thrill Discord server: Come hang out with us and other fans of the show. TPT Character Creation Forge Codex: It’s finally here! A huge thanks to all our Patreon supporters who made it possible. Teepublic: Home of the TPT-shirt! Support the show on Patreon: Contact us: Twitter: @TPTcast Email: Web: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: